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Mr Haanz

Mr Haanz Sauce came to be through the love of creating and sharing food with family and friends.

Whether it be something as simple as a quick breakfast, or a complex recipe that takes days to prepare, the bond created by those we shared meals with are what makes every slice, every taste, every failed recipe worth the effort.

At Mr Haanz Sauce, we share our love of food with you and our ever growing family.

Our fresh sauces are created to compliment many dishes, as a condiment or ingredient. One important lesson learned in the kitchen is balance, and while we love the heat, Mr Haanz Sauce is created to compliment the food, not overpower it. But that's not to say you won't be able to find some fire in our products!

Keep on scrolling to see our current line up of sauces, news, events and locations you can find us.



Michael Rucci & Justina Rucci


Mr Haanz

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Jalapeno Garlic Lime
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Tangy, Sweet & Zesty.

A great all around sauce with a bright flavor.

Zesty citrus paired with the spice and body of jalapenos, rounded out with a smooth garlic taste. Great on seafood, poultry, pork & dips.

Pineapple Habanero
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Bright & Fruity with well rounded heat.

The sweet flavors of pineapple combined with the fruity flavors of a habanero chile create a full flavor sauce with the right amount of heat and sweet. Pairs well with poulty & seafood.

Sweet Chipotle
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Sweet, Savory, Smokey.

A blend of red bell peppers, hot cherry peppers and chipotle peppers creates a full bodied sauce that is sweet to the taste with a smooth heat that you can taste. Use this sauce on chicken, red meat, in chili or add to you favorite barbeque sauce.

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